The Mumbles and Gower have some particularly amazing camping spots!

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The unique accommodation overlooks Swansea Bay and on-site activities include horse riding, indoor climbing, archery and Challenge Valley - the muddiest assault course in the world.
If you like your food healthy and your cafés packed with character a meal at the Kitchen Table is certain to be a highlight of your trip to Mumbles.
Enjoy the thrill of riding your very first waves under the expert tuition of Simon at GSD. If you've always fancied giving surfing a go, the safe, gentle waves at Caswell are the perfect place to learn the basics.
Taking in 4 of the Gower's Bays, this journey starts at Bracelet Bay and takes you right around to Langland Bay.
Average Travel Time:
45 minutes
A panoramic view from the Marina to Mumbles Pier
John Jenkins |
Blue Flag Beach
The sandy 6-mile curve of Swansea bay lines the city with opportunity for sunning, sandcastle-building and fishing. Any position around the Bay affords a spectacular view, either of towards Mumbles Point or the city, and on a clear day even Devon can be seen across the Bristol channel.